Local Buy Nothing groups raising kids kindness

Local Buy Nothing Groups are the best family space in your neighbourhood that promises to keep on giving. An easy way for parents to show kids how to share and care in real life. In a post-covid world, where the toilet roll dash, was a far too common greedy newsflash.

If you haven’t heard of these groups yet, let me fill you in, on this world wide phenomenon. Buy Nothing are hyper local gift economy groups popping up all over the globe.

Bringing good into your hood

From the heart of two friends, the group found its start with the motto “Give Where You Live” and a currency of kindness, locally grown. 

Co- founder Liesl Clark  found her roots in Nepal and created the movement as an experiment to return to the simple living of Nepalese and Tibetan people. 

The Buddhist style of living shifts the lens from wealth solely for you, to the collective needs of the people.

Simply put, Buy Nothing groups bring to life the people, place and planet, triple win rule.  If you’re not good, I can’t be good and that’s not cool.

My daughter colouring the words “Be Kind” on the pavement. (photo : Jessica Carr) 

Why join?

Covid forced many into survival mode and kids saw actions of a nation we regret.  Fear and scarcity run rampant, you’d rather they forget.  

Your kids have watched 

  • you distance yourself from friends and family
  • avoid each other like the plague
  • outdo each others pain when others complain 
  • talk only through a screen 
  • friendly smiles on the streets fade,  replaced with a material grin. 

Slowly making us less human like the untouchable figures on their computer games. 

Whilst we have lost human touch in so many ways, Buy Nothing groups raise the value of human connection.

A place to show your kids values of kindness, empathy, generosity and compassion. What it looks and feels like to put people over profit, as the trending fashion.  

My daughter showing how simply giving a flower is an act of kindness. (photo : Jessica Carr) 

Kids learn

The value of things. To reuse,  regift and not throw away.  Kids learn the needs of others and how they can help in simple ways. Giving without receiving back and unexpected kindness from their community.  

Kids are forever growing out of their stuff,  and the kids around the corner are likely about to grow into them.  Clothes,toys, books and old school gear are all items you can give to families who are near.  

Buy Nothing Group member – Nicolle Macaitis says why she loves the group ” we can easily pass things onto others who will appreciate them too.

“Kids find it easier to let go when they know another boy or girl will like this and know it’s not sitting in an op shop” 

books, clothes, toys and school gear are all items kids can give away (Image source via canva)

Tips for making giving fun for your kids

  • Get the kids to help set up and take photos, and come up with words to describe their pre-loved items. 
  • Arrange a meet cute with the child their item will be going to next so  they can feel pride and experience the act of kindness for themselves. 
  • If you’re doing a porch pick up they can help write a little note on the item to give away, with the person’s name.  
  • If you choose the simmer method for picking the receiver of your regifted item. Kids have a blast using the wheel of names to select your winner at random.  
  • Make a game out of the selected name. Pick the receiver from the funniest joke, closest number or virtual jelly bean guess.

Join your local group to explore. You can bet with the tips above your kids will be waiting for their ‘customers’ at your door.  

Is this the kind of world you care for?

Let me know in the comments below!

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